About Us


Meet Rebecca Grewal (GRAY-wall), Founder and Designer of Revir.
Rebecca has been working in the fashion industry since 1999, creating and designing in New York and specializing in launching collections for fashion and celebrity greats.  In 2009 she returned to her home state of Michigan with the ambition to push her passion for the business of fashion into her beloved home state.
In 2009, Rebecca opened Michigan Fashion Proto, a fashion design, development, and production facility in Lansing, Michigan.  With the goal of bringing the fashion industry to Michigan, MFP has become a dynamic and creative hub for beginner and seasoned designers to launch fashion products domestically. Ethical standards became a priority, initially with the treatment of the talented individuals who make products and then pushing into raising the bar with eco-friendly materials and practices.
Revir was born in late 2020 out of an absolute love for the process of creating beautiful, comfortable, and quality pieces for women who deserved to look and feel beautiful. In Revir, Rebecca has blended her love for the city with the calm ease, and beauty of home. 
Revir is soft, easy to wear, and driven by timeless style.
Our team of talented and dedicated professionals is among the industry's best and brightest. Each piece is designed, developed, produced, inspected, packaged, and shipped with pride, care and attention to detail.
Rebecca Grewal Styling Revir
Revir sewing studio
We love hearing from you! Contact us by emailing sales@revirusa.com