Ever get that feeling that your near-favorite outfit needs something more? You love the styles but something is missing to really make it fabulous? Well we’ve got you covered - accessories are the icing on the cake when it comes to fashion!

Accessories are the accents that take your outfit to the next level. Your look can go from everyday to outstanding by adding jewelry, a handbag, or a belt! Here is our list of 5 accessories that will take your outfit to the next level.

1. Statement Belts.


Styling your outfit with a belt can really make the difference by giving shaping and draping to your silhouette. What's more, a right belt can accentuate so many garments to flatter every body shape, even if you pair it with simple jeans and shirt.

If you are wearing a dress, you can completely change your look by just adding a belt, that gives a waist cinch or allows blousing and styling to your look. If you have a dress that came with a belt, you can add a new one to have a completely new dress as a result.

So what belts do we love? Check out our two favorite super versatile one-size-fits-all belts, the Obi One Belt and Sobi Wrap Belt. These two wrapping belts work with so many styles, cinching your cardigans, dresses, tops, and giving style to your layers! It's a wonderful look that adds style and color to your outfit. Both belts are offered in multiple colors.

If you are looking for a summertime wrap belt, you can look at the Isla Tassel Belt here. This Erika Peña iconic tassel belt will infuse any ensemble.

You can wear this over your shoulders, wrapped around your waist, or tied in a turban; the options are endless. This belt features over 3 yards of a 100% cotton rayon blend woven fabric and is approximately 0.5 yards wide. It's a beauty that every fashion lover should add to their wardrobe.

2. Choker

A choker is a great accessory that creates an illusion of a longer neck. Chokers have grown in popularity and are among the hottest fashion trends today. They are not just popular among teens, as they are worn everywhere; they are one of the easiest go-to accessories.

There are many variations of chokers, from the classic black to the more bejeweled necklace with hanging pendants. Whatever style you are going after, there will always be a choker to match.

For instance, our Wildflower Choker is a perfect fit for those who are looking for a bejeweled necklace-choker, and it works great for everyday use. Semi-precious stones including garnet, rose quartz, citrine, peridot, sky blue topaz, amethyst, labradorite, and moonstone are hand-wrapped in sterling silver, or 14k gold plated sterling silver. It's pure beauty.

If you are looking for a more bold choker, then the butterfly or the oyster brass choker might be a better fit for you. Beautiful and bold, those chokers make a statement that is perfectly feminine and strong.

Chokers accentuate your neck, draw eyes from head to toe, and are an accessory worth adding to any outfit and occasion.

3. Rattan Bag.

One of the hottest summer accessories right now is the rattan bag. Some call it rattan; others call it wicker or straw. Whatever you call it, once you have it, you will be in love with it. The rattan bag is the perfect companion that will take you from the beach to coffee catch-ups to dinner dates.

You can wear your rattan bag without adding any extra accessories because it stands out on its own. This bag screams sunny days, beaches, weekends, and summer nights, don't you think?

The rattan bag matches up nicely with any outfit in your closet, and we mean everything!

Given its natural color, it's a no-brainer getting dressed up in the morning.

This summer, you can enjoy a great variety of rattan bags that take your outfit to the next level. You can take a look at our pure summer perfections - the Kura bag, Gil bag, or the Iri Bag. All of our rattan bags are handmade, meaning that no two designs will be alike. This gives you a unique one-of-a-kind product that you can treasure for many years to come.

4. Classic Pearls.

Pearls are timeless. Putting on a pair of pearls creates a sense of class, elegance, and style. The white orbs stand out and can bring personality to your look. You can wear it with anything - from a floral summer dress to a more formal suit; pearl earrings can uplift any occasion.

Take a look at our Wildflower Pearl & Citrine Earrings. Delicate and beautiful, this 14K gold-filled earring has a faceted citrine stone and is topped with hand-wrapped freshwater pearls. If you want to elevate your outfit with some traditional and elegant beauty, then pearls are the perfect solution.

5. Rosario Necklace Set


A beautiful Zacasha necklace, set of two, made of gorgeous faceted crystals, accent beads, and high-quality tassels - this is what you get with this fashion masterpiece! The Rosario necklace gives you an amazing look all year round. Plus more layers, the better!

You can find all of these beauties right here on our boutique website. Just click here to find the perfect addition to your outfit that will uplift you to fabulous. With our carefully selected accessories, you will never have that feeling that your outfit is missing something. If you are ever in doubt about which is the perfect accessory, send us a message here, and we will be happy to assist you.


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