Have you ever thought about who makes your clothing and where it is made?  

This subject is very meaningful to us. The process of making Revir clothing is a huge part of our vision and passion!

We are proud to say that our clothing is 100% made in the USA- primarily here in our studio in Lansing, Michigan. It is here where we let our creative energy flow as we mix fabric textures and colors, create sketches and plan our upcoming seasons. We make pattearns by hand then sample and develop our styles each season.

We believe in small batch and responsible production. Small batch production allows us to have a greater variety of products that showcase more of our designs per season. It also helps to keep waste to a minimum avoiding overproducing.

We value the skill and happiness of each team member at Revir- just as much as we value the happiness of our customers. That is why we keep our design and production in house, made by a team that has become like a family who all contribute so much to each piece. So when we say “Made in Michigan with love” on our care labels, we mean it!

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