Our collection is made by Michigan Fashion Proto!  That's right, 100% of our products have been crafted by our skilled and detail oriented team of professionals in the USA.  

Our process always starts with fabric, it inspires and accelerates the season's mood and collection creation.  Next we launch into our sketches and the creation stage is nearly complete.  We love working with the team to make our patterns and samples, a process that always inspires future design direction.  

Next is to perfect our fit.  This can't be stressed enough, though it certainly helps that we use such sumptuous, soft and stretchy fabrics.  We grade our patterns to fit from XS to XL (for now) and plan to add more sizes and men's in the future.  

We then use the very same team who made our prototypes to make our production.  This is to ensure quality and that our team's expertise is utilized.  We keep as few hands on each production run as possible, and we put multiple quality check points along the way.

Packaged in 100% recycled material, we are then ready to ship!


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